SOREN Summit: Addressing Severe Behavior at School through Compassionate, Trauma-Assumed Instruction

Event Details

Addressing Severe Behavior at School through Compassionate, Trauma-Assumed Instruction: An Overview of Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment (PFA SBT) 

Date: August 5, 2024
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location:  SOESD, 101 N Grape St, Medford, OR 97501 Upstairs Conference Room 


Schools face complex challenges supporting learners with neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., autism) who demonstrate very significant behavioral needs. The students themselves are adversely impacted by the loss of instruction, social isolation, elevated fear and anxiety - and by increased exposure to exclusionary discipline (e.g., suspension, expulsion). Instructional approaches are needed that are trauma-informed, build empowering relationships, and systematically teach essential skills so that children and youth can live lives free of severe problem behavior.
During this daylong workshop, participants will learn about the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-based Treatment (PFA-SBT) process, a highly effective approach to severe problem behavior. The process involves preventing escalation of problem behavior while teaching communication, tolerance for frustration, transition and a range of contextually appropriate skills. Key values of this process are safety, acceptability, and developing a warm, trusting relationship with students. PFA SBT was developed by Dr. Greg Hanley and colleagues, is a compassionate and trauma-informed Tier 3 (PBIS) intervention, and is supported by extensive research that has been published in peer reviewed journals over the last fifteen years.

PFA SBT emphasizes meeting students in their place of joy; ensuring they are happy, relaxed and engaged (HRE) as a foundation for teaching and building rapport, and honoring their communication. The goal is to help students acquire the skills needed to function successfully at school and other settings while also learning to cope with the unpredictability and routine frustrations of everyday life. Ultimately, PFA SBT is focused upon improving quality of life for our students.
Participants will learn:
  • The fundamental principles and guiding values that form the foundation of Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment (PFA SBT).
  • How to create a trauma-informed environment that focuses on ensuring that children are in a state of being happy, relaxed, and engaged (HRE) as a foundation for skill development.
  • How to utilize the assessment process (PFA) to confirm why severe behaviors occur and how to effectively prevent triggering them.
  • The procedures to implement Skill-Based Treatment as specially designed instruction (SDI) to teach essential skills (e.g., functional communication) while maintaining safety (i.e., preventing maladaptive behaviors). 
  • How PFA SBT is aligned with features of PBIS Tier 3 interventions, how the goals and instruction can be integrated into the IEP, and ensuring compliance with state and federal (IDEA) requirements.
The objective of providing this PFA SBT training is to assist school-based and early childhood professionals in acquiring the tools to effectively assess and teach students with most complex behavioral support needs, so that these students can acquire the skills necessary to live lives free of severe problem behavior and participate successfully in school and other environments. 
This workshop is for all early childhood and school-based professionals who either work directly with students who exhibit very significant maladaptive behaviors as well as professionals who provide consultation, coaching and training in positive behavior support methods, conduct functional behavioral assessments, and develop behavior support plans. This includes special education teachers, paraeducators, behavior specialists, board certified behavior analysts, and related service providers (SLP, OT) with a special interest in evidence-based, Tier 3 interventions.
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Lunch is not provided.  A list of close lunch choices will be available at the training.

SOESD Medford
101 N. Grape St.
Medford, OR 97501

Upstairs Conference Room


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Dawn Stephens

Session Information

Start: Monday August 5th, 2024 at 08:00 am
End: Monday August 5th, 2024 at 04:00 pm
PDUs: 8.00
Instructor: Hillary Flood-BCBA with Portland Public Schools

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